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We have 30+ years experience selling life and health insurance.

Our licensed insurance agents help individuals and businesses in the Maryland, Virginia and DC area to obtain life and health insurance programs which meet their needs and budgets. We specialize in offering guaranteed life and health insurance to seniors. ​Free Insurance Reviews



WE CAN help  you TO

save on healthcare costs.
increase revenues.


A powerful new solution to old healthcare problems. Tired of trying to save money on healthcare expenses without getting any success? Tired of waiting days, weeks, or even months to see a doctor?....We provide your employees with 24/7/365 access to healthcare without copays.

We offer unique voluntary benefits to both small and large groups  Our Call A Doctor Plus telemedicine service fits both small and large businesses. We provide  Voluntary Purchase and Financial Wellness Programs which offer 30,000+ brand name products to both small and large employers.

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Are you a business owner who could use some operating capital? Would you like to expand your business but are having a hard time getting a loan? Well, we may have the solution for you through our Small Biz Loan Program. As an Indepependent Loan Agent, M&G Consultants might be able to help you obtain funds.


OUR CONSULTANTS are experienced in insurance, voluntary benefits, telemedicine and business support.